valuable outcomes

We write these articles to share views, ideas and helpful tips that could help you to achieve better results from your procurement and tendering activities. Better results equate to outcomes that, over time, become increasingly more valuable. 

Writing these articles can be, and often is, a frustrating, infuriating and often time consuming process. Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise. Although, occassionally, it does just flow and you come away having experienced a little bit of magic.

We hope you find them helpful and useful.


Indices: Price change mechanisms to minimise risk premiums

Dear procurement team, I thought I’d write to give some feedback on your latest tender, specifically about your choice of price change mechanism.

Risk Premiums: minimise and manage

Potential suppliers hide risk premiums in prices to self-insure against adverse financial impacts.

What's the purpose of procurement?

The purpose I pursue differs from the lazy defaults of ‘best value' or 'value-for-money’. It's more specific and definite; it engenders a common understanding, clearer direction and important...