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If you purchase from suppliers we enable and support you to buy and spend no more than absolutely necessary to satisfy the needs of those you intend should benefit.

If you're not achieving optimum performance from a specific contract we identify specific causes, consequential effects and, working closely with all parties, recommend beneficial improvements or termination.

We act independently and objectively to gain the trust and confidence of each party. This gives us unvarnished insights into each party's perceptions, expectations and accountability relative to contractual obligations. Also relative to what a successful valuable relationships demands, such as openness, communication, common understanding and a healthy focus on the future.

The challenge and great potential of public sector procurement occupies much of our time. Curiosity, inclusivity and enthusiasm motivates us to work and collaborate as peers, there is no 'us and them'. This supports a strong desire to pursue improvements in the way we all procure. We don't 'do something to you' we 'do something with you'. Ultimately, we, you and us, ensure your organisation's position improves.

Perhaps the most commonly cited cause of poorer than expected performance is a lack of or poor communication that continually erodes valuable buyer-supplier relationships. This quote nicely illustrates the most pervasive of communication issues.

"The great enemy of communication, we find, is the illusion of it. We have talked enough; but we have not listened. And by not listening we have failed to concede the immense complexity of our society–and thus the great gaps between ourselves and those with whom we seek understanding".
William H. Whyte, from an article titled Is Anybody Listening? published in Fortune magazine in 1950.