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Directly or indirectly, to a greater or lesser degree, you influence why, what and how your organisation buys goods and services. Individually and collectively, we all do! To have a positive influence you should work hard to .... and spend only what is necessary to satisfy beneficiaries needs”.

This, for me, is procurement. It is what I believe we must achieve! I want to improve and I also want to help others improve. Not from the perspective that I always expect my views to prevail, but that we can all learn from each other. That’s the point of this blog.

Indices: Price change mechanisms to minimise risk premiums

Dear procurement team, I thought I’d write to give some feedback on your latest tender, specifically about your choice of price change mechanism.

Risk Premiums: minimise and manage

Potential suppliers hide risk premiums in prices to self-insure against adverse financial impacts.

What's the purpose of procurement?

The purpose I pursue differs from the lazy defaults of ‘best value' or 'value-for-money’. It's more specific and definite; it engenders a common understanding, clearer direction and important...