Picture of Mark Allen from Qualitar

Founded in 2003, in a hotel lobby in Cardiff while providing a procurement training, Qualitar came about because of mine (Mark) and Will's overriding desire to work more closely and directly with purchasers.

Over the last 15 plus years Qualitar’s predominate focus, as it remains today, is to develop and facilitate valuable relationships, in particular those between buyers-stakeholders-beneficiaries-suppliers. There’s been a largely unhealthy emphasis on buyers and stakeholders. However, suppliers supply their services many more times than individual buyers buy them. Therefore, where does the most valuable service specific experience and expertise reside? That’s where we start, pre and post contract award.

Qualitar attracts a diverse range of clients and assignments. For example,

  • An accurate price model for South Bucks District Council’s refuse collection and recycling services enabled us to model different scenarios, establish target prices and identify the council’s potential to save. Ultimately, when coupled within a well designed procurement, this realised a saving of mover than £1.5m, confounding expectations, as prices were rising not falling.

  • A collaborative procurement strategy and tender documents for Northampton County Council with several other councils to purchase children’s foster and residential care services. Prior to the procurement an analysis of spend data and the use of price models, along with intermediate negotiations, achieved a net benefit of £600,000.

  • An all encompassing procurement advice and support service for Macmillan Cancer Support over several years. Each department received advice and active hands-on support to help them buy more for less leaving more to spend on Macmillan’s charitable objectives. Amongst the many savings, there was up to £500,000 a year from a reduction in the cost of recruiting and employing temporary and permanent employees.