Inflation: actively mitigate and offset adverse inflationary pressures

Prices are going up because the rate of inflation is increasing. Use these levers to mitigate and offset the adverse impact of inflation and avoid paying any more than absolutely necessary.

Open Spaces: spend less and repair our environment

Improve how you maintain open spaces to have an increasingly positive impact on people’s wellbeing by repairing our environment and spending significantly less.

Outcomes: the backbone of a procurement

Outcomes give a clear backbone and a singular common understanding and direction to your procurement and the performance of your contract. They enable and motivate the best suppliers to deploy all their expertise and return their best offers.

Outcomes: examples specific to Open Spaces

These example outcomes are specific to the maintenance of open spaces. They communicate a common direction and understanding that allows potential suppliers to pack all their expertise into their tenders.

Adverts: as a competitive advantage

The most effective adverts are written to create a competitive advantage. You compete successfully with other buyers to influence the best relevant potential suppliers to download your procurement documents.