valuable outcomes

We write these articles to share views, ideas and helpful tips that could help you to achieve better results from your procurement and tendering activities. Better results equate to outcomes that, over time, become increasingly more valuable. 

Writing these articles can be, and often is, a frustrating, infuriating and often time consuming process. Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise. Although, occassionally, it does just flow and you come away having experienced a little bit of magic.

We hope you find them helpful and useful.


Outcomes: the backbone of a procurement

Outcomes give a clear backbone and a singular common understanding and direction to your procurement and the performance of your contract. They enable and motivate the best suppliers to deploy all their expertise and return their best...

Outcomes: examples specific to Open Spaces

These example outcomes are specific to the maintenance of open spaces. They communicate a common direction and understanding that allows potential suppliers to pack all their expertise into their tenders.