Reading, therefore books, is a fundamental necessity, at least it is for me. I always learn from each author, although not always in a positive sense. Sometimes it’s a different take on what I already know or I refresh what I already know or I learn something new. As Shane, from Farnham Street, puts it, "if you want to suck up someone’s brain”, you should simply read a book”.

These are books I value, they cover a diverse range of topics. For me, this diversity is a necessity. Especially if you want to develop the breadth and depth of expertise and knowledge effective procurement demands.

Headings group books with similar content, while tags enable you to delve into more detail. For example, a book in the professional services group might include something on category management. If you click on the 'category management’ tag you’ll bring up all the books relevant to category management even if they’re not under the category management heading.

Happy reading; any interesting suggestions please let me know.









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